Economic Survey of Rajasthan 2022-2023 PDF

Economic Survey of Rajasthan, 2022-2022,PDF
Economic Survey of Rajasthan, 2022-2023,PDF

The Economic Survey of Rajasthan 2022-2023 presents a mixed picture of the state’s economy. On the one hand, the survey highlights the positive developments in the agriculture sector, while on the other, it identifies challenges faced by the manufacturing and service sectors.

The survey notes that the agriculture sector has shown resilience during the pandemic, with the state recording an increase in the production of crops like wheat, mustard, and pulses. This has been attributed to the timely availability of inputs and government support schemes.

However, the survey points out that the manufacturing sector has been adversely affected by the pandemic, with a decline in industrial production and investments. The service sector has also faced challenges, with the tourism industry being hit hard due to the pandemic-related restrictions.

To address these challenges, the survey suggests measures such as increasing investment in infrastructure, promoting ease of doing business, and providing support to the MSME sector. The survey also emphasizes the need to improve the quality of education and healthcare, as well as the provision of social security schemes.

Overall, the survey provides valuable insights into the state of the Rajasthan economy, and lays out a road map for addressing the challenges faced by the state in the coming years.

Economic Survey of Rajasthan 2022-2023 PDF



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